CAE 70th Anniversary Flight Simulator Cake

This year is the 70th Anniversary of CAE, a global flight training company headquartered in Montreal, Canada founded on Saint Patrick’s Day in 1947.

Celebrating this special event, one of the leading training centres based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex UK is organising a family event on Saturday, 9th September 2017. All employees and their family were invited for lunch, magic show, have a cake and chance to try impressive flight simulator training facilities.

Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art was commissioned to create a unique cake for the centrepiece of the event.

After trying one of the flight simulators herself, Michelle came up with idea of having the cake in the shape of flight simulator. In order to show of the impressive cockpit, she decided to make a cut out so the cockpit itself become a focal point, complete with led light and working flight simulation screen by hiding an lcd monitor inside the structure.

Reaction to the cake

The cake weight almost 60kgs and here is how its transported

Serving the cake


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