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Dark Horse Wine Food Art Painting

Celebrating the launch of a new delicious premium wine called Dark Horse by one of the largest wine producers in USA EJ Gallo, Michelle Wibowo created an optical illusion painting made of the variety of natural ingredients inspired by the blend of bold taste such as caramel, dried apple, cinnamon, and coffee beans. Taking inspiration from Dark Horse's bold logo and playing on the fascination with optical illusions, Michelle created 'unexpected image' of horses, wine glasses and abstract background of Californian landscape. Find out more about Dark Horse Wine

Kylo Ren Star Wars The Force Awakens Birthday Cake

Michael, my husband is a huge fan of Star Wars and with the new Episode VII is coming up, he is very excited indeed. Celebrating his birthday I secretly made a special cake in a shape of Kylo Ren from upcoming The Force Awakens movie. The entire office is excited, even we've got a lightsaber to cut the cake (oh well you know it is photoshoped) The force is strong here Better than bread knife - a lightsaber Selection of drinks to compliment the cake. Destroyed by the 'Force'.