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Luxury Brands Birthday Cake

Luxury brands on shoes and handbags have definitely captures public imagination, no wonder when it comes to celebration, why not having these desired items to be literally ‘consumed’. This cake will be the centerpiece of the birthday celebration and it has to stand out from any other luxury brand cakes that ever done in the past. We came up with the following concept: "The cakes is going to look like it's blown away (hanging on a gold colour pole), with the lids blowing away, showing what's inside the presents, such as handbags, shoes, scarf, and pearl necklace." The entire cake is floating, supported by only on a single gold pole in the middle. It is a grafity-defying sculpture. Brands name included: Chanel, LV, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Dior, Hermes, McQueen Delicate details to match the high-standard quality of the brands