Ford Ecoboost Engine Cake

Celebrating the achievement of 'International Engine of the year' award Ford UK comissioned a lifesize cake of the company most proud of EcoBoost 1.0 litre Engine.

This celebration cake was made in incredible precission following the CAD drawing of the engine itself, instead of metal allow it's made of multi layered sponge cake, sugar paste and icing sugar.

It took Michelle in excess of 40 hours to construct enough details making it inseparable with the real engine itself which was also on display during the event.

Is it real engine or the cake?

The cake was on display next to the brand new Ford Focus

Congratulations to Ford and their engineers for such a great achievement and hope you enjoy the cake!

 Metro UK Newspeaper clipping, Friday 15th June 2012

Ford Engine Cake Facebook Photo

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