Celebrating James 30th birthday from London, his partner came up with crazy idea, cake in a shape of his face! I think we should call this genuine "FaceCake".

Letter from An...

"I just wanted to say thank you again for your efforts and THE amazing cake!

From the start, when we were discussing the cake options, through to designing the cake and delivery of it, you were always so friendly, thoughtful and helpful.

I can't tell you how delighted and shocked I was at how incredible the cake was. I know you are talented but the cake far exceeded my expectations. Even before I saw the cake, almost every staff member at the venue (and there were many) were talking about the cake and stopped me to tell me how fabulous it was and that it was the best cake they had ever seen. I agree with them completely.

When the cake was presented at the party, it was a complete surprise to everyone. James and all the guests were doubled up in laughter and delight because the design of the cake itself is an inside joke but to see it presented in 3D in cake form really brought the joke to life. The only reason the joke worked so well was because the cake looked so realistic and you captured the facial expression and James' features so well (I can't even begin to imagine how long it would have taken you to create his hair - all those individual spikes!).

To top it all off, the cake was delicious! I've come across many cakes where they looked great but compromised on the taste because it was dry. Clearly everyone enjoyed the cake because the whole party was silent for about 5 minutes while everyone scoffed the cake and asked for seconds.

I really do appreciate everything you have done. Your meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of your service is something I really admired. I'm looking forward to the next celebration so I can find an excuse to ask you to design another cake!

Thanks again,


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