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Galt Toy's giant Playnest Car cake

  Galt Toy's giant Playnest Car Cake A lifesize cake sculpture in the shape of the new Galt Toy's new Playnest Car to celebrate its launch at the 2012 Toy Fair in Olympia London. The show is taking place from 24-26 January. This edible car made from vanilla sponge measured 3ft wide x 2ft 6” length and 10” high,     The "actual" playnest   Placing them side-by-side Check out more from Galt website , Download free instruction to create your own smaller version of it!    a slice of toy?

Casino Themed Birthday Cake

It's always nice to hear when close friends looking after each other, Leona from London was arranging  surprise party in soho complete with beautifully crafted casino themed birthday cake for her glamorous friend. This is what the customer says.... Dear Michelle, I just wanted to please say a big thank you because that was one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen & it tasted amazing. Thank you on behalf of myself & the birthday girl & you'll definitely be hearing from me in the near future. Kind regards, Leona

DIY Enthusiast Birthday Cake

I love DIY projects. I really enjoy creating things with my hands but sometime it can gets tricky when it comes to home DIY projects. We do need a man with special skills, preferably the one who has 6 arms. This birthday cake is designed for Doug, DIY enthusiast, and Brighton & Hove Albion Football club fan. "Get rid of that old wallpaper mate!"

Ferrari 458 Italia Cake

  Ferrari 458 Italia Cake, such a beautiful design, perhaps one of my favourites. I've done many car-shapped cakes in the past but still find it challenging everytime.  It's not as easy as it looks. Original car

Travel scrapbook inspired 40th Birthday Cake

  Celebrating Jo's 40th Birthday, Michelle creates a travel scrapbook inspired birthday cake full of memoir from her family and previous travel journey.  " Thank u for doing the cake it looks awesome..., everyone thought it was stunning... Jo's face was awesome." Sharon Milton, UK