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Customer Story: 50th Birthday Cake

Some of you might wonder is Michelle's novelty cake tastes just as good as it looks?
Yesterday we received email from one of our customer and we're delighted to share it with you.

Hi Michelle,

I just wanted to tell you how much EVERYONE loved your cake last night!  Not only to look at, but to taste it too!  Oh my goodness, it is unbelievably delicious!  I can't put it down!

I told everyone to go and have a look at the cake and they came back and said, where is it?  So I led them to the cake and said, "There it is...". People had seen it and just couldn't believe it was CAKE!!!!  The howls of laughter when they saw Kevin's head on Jason Statham's body on front of the Men's Health Magazine were deafening!!!!  It was truly unique, original and breathtaking!!!!

Thank you very, very much.  It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and tell you face to face how happy I was with the cake.

The Chef from the hotel came out to tell me how amazing he thought it was…

VW Camper Van Cake

VW Camper van cake to cellebrate Julia's 40th Birthday.

Jack in the Box inspired 1st Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to Aran who is one today and here is the cake for you inspired from Jack in the Box, your favourite toy.

V&A Event Keynote Video