Reckitt Benckiser - Bart Becht Cake

A Spectacular cake created to celebrate Bart Becht  (Reckitt Benckiser’s CEO) retirement on the 25th July 2011. Serving for over 300 people , the cake was presented during his final presentation with his HQ employees.  Reckitt Benckiser is the global company with more behind famous household and healthcare product brands such as Finish, Vanish, Durex, Dettol, Strepsills, Calgon, Airwick, Clerasil, Harpic and much more.


Realistic cake of their products with the scale 1to 1.5 of their actual product stacked up in such a way that represents a mountain while having Bart sugar model reaches the top holding RB flag as he just reaching the finishing point of the amazing journey he had leading one of the top company in the world.

With the message  “Congratulations on 16 ears of inspirational leadership of RB”


We started by getting the actual products and stack them up to measure the scale and taking photograph of each side of the product, which will be printed on a special printer.

Around 20 sheets of edible sugar paper are used in this process.

The cake is carved and sculpted following desired shape each layer is covered with vanilla butter cream.

Attaching edible print


  1. I'm still amazed after all these years Michelle! Great work. Jx

  2. impressive. more ironic is that the top 2 products: Frenchs and Redhot are from the USA Food business which Bart didn't care much about or invest in


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