Severed Head Cake - Halloween special

A surprise halloween birthday cake for Mandy's boyfriend in London.
Pete is a halloween nut and the couple always have a halloween birthday party every year, What a better gift for the man who has everything than a cake of himself.
3D cake of severed head on a silver platter complete with an apple in his mouth and finger salads.

Picture of Pete before having his head chopped off

UPDATED !!! Photos from the party ... 

Dinner tonight
Freshly baked head
One deadly kiss
Pete and...Pete's head
Slice of cake


  1. OMG! Soo gross, gruesome and sooo awesome at the same time! Your modeling and sculpting skill is perfect! :) My finger cupcakes is pale in comparison with this! You totally rock! :D

  2. How do you create a cake like this? how do you get the perfect color and what kind of stores do you recommened? I am deeply inspired by your work and think you are one of the most coolest people in the world! I really want to know how to make something like this (I would love to freak out my friends with a cake like the one with the chopped off head or the baby that is sleeping)

    I am from Sweden so do you know any webshops I could go to?

    thank you so much if you read this and you really inspires me!

    love Rasmus


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