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Covent Garden 180th Anniversary Birthday Cake

A giant birthday cake commissioned to celebrate 180th Anniversary of Covent Garden in London. Weighting around 300 kgs, its consumed more than 30 kgs of icing sugar, 100 block of butter just for the butter cream. As part of weekend celebration, the cake was cut on Friday 18th June 2010 and served to the visitor of Covent Garden. More than 2000 slices has been taken and it took almost a whole day!. Here are some pictures from Original Sketch

Taj Mahal Cake

Taj Mahal Wedding Cake Applying sugar paste coating Working on the details Finished shot

Truck Cake

Lorry cake size: approx. 22" long., serve 150 people plus the pile of muck serve 20 people, total serve 175 people, based on 1"x2" per slice. (you'd feed about 100 people with much bigger slice) Cake type: sponge cake with vanilla butter cream. Cake board size:30"x18". In the making Picture of the real thing.