Doctor Who Birthday Cake

Doctor Who Birthday Cake, TARDIS, K9, Dalek.

Customer comments:

"I would like to take this time to thanks you from the bottom of our hearts on the superhuman effort and skill you put into our cakes.
They were show stoppers. Quite literally when the white TARDIS was brought out during the meal service had to be halted for 90 minutes!!! The 40th one we brought out at the beginning of the meal to ensure that we ate! 

Thanks so VERY VERY much once again" 

Peter & Keith

Original design sketch:

When the lignts off.


  1. Wow that's amazing Michelle well done!

  2. That is absolutely amazing!!! If I wanted to order this cake, how would I go about doing it?


  3. Cool! I wish I knew how to make a cake like that.


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