Stealing someone else's work

Today I stumbled upon a mail order cake site based in India. Apparently they've been using images from my portfolio and claim it theirs. I also discovered that they've got images from other cake sites too. Do they not even capable taking picture of their own work ?
Is it just a lazyness because it is so easy just take other's work, copy them and sell them cheap?

I don't mine people use images on my sites for design inspiration, but please don't just copy it and claim it yours. I really don't know how to react in this situation.


  1. I hear you Michelle but what do you expect from those with no imagination? But it's also true that copies are the best form of flattery. Still, they can't take away from you the gift you have and the amazing talent your'e blessed with. Love your work.

  2. Hi David, Thanks for your kind words...

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I am a huge fan of your work, and I think that those people with no imagination should take those pictures off their site, because it's going to be complicated to buy a fake cake! It's ridiculous because You're the one who should be recognized for your hard work.

    Kisses Marcela

  4. Hi michelle,
    it is hurt! No responsible at all...
    There were some pirated case like these in our food community. And now we use water mark onto any photo published to prevent this.
    I like your creativity, you have a gifted hands...
    Love them all!

  5. Try to get a 'WaterMark' acros your images. If that does not work order 2 dozen of their most expensive cakes from them set to some bogus address. (Just for Fun ofcourse)

  6. Hi Michelle,

    I admire your talent and am a great fan of your work. It is so sad that there are people without dignity who work on false pretences, but they will never reach your level, their work will never be recognised and they will not reap the rewards.
    Nobody can take away your imagination and the talent that makes you unique- that is what makes your work so precious.
    You can have your photos and website images protected, so they cannot be copied over the Internet.
    I wish you all the best and even better results for the future.

  7. The only thing you can do is watermark your images, sweetheart. You are one of the most incredibly talented artists I have ever had the exquisite pleasure of encountering, and I have a very deep, abiding admiration for your work. Keep on keeping on, and just know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  8. Hi Michelle.

    Charm City Cakes had the same problem with people stealing their images and worse. They some how managed to get the site closed down or the photos removed. I cannot remember which but I saw it on one of their tv episodes. I have a way of protecting my images by using a program called HTML Guardian but you can also get free code to do the same thing however if they are clever enough they can still get them.

    Your Work is brilliant.


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