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Window 7 Launch Party Cake

Today is the launch date for Windows 7. Microsoft UK is having a launch party in one of the bar in Soho, London. I've been commissioned to make a cake to celebrate the Windows 7 has landed!

Barceló Old Ship Hotel Cake

Celebrating 450 years, Barceló Old Ship Hotel in Brighton has commissioned a massive cake in a shape of the hotel itself, complete with 3 sugar models of the hotel's executive team. Measuring 5ft. x 3ft the cake is enough to cater more than 300 people.

Sugar figurine to complement the cake

Photograph of the actual Old Ship Hotel in Brighton.

in the making

Baby cake in WonderHowTo

Who's Behind This Obsessively Realistic Baby Cake? What would drive Michelle Wibowo to create such a hyper realistic baby cake? read more

Cakes for 40th year old blokes

I stumble this website about 40th years old party stuff and it's mentioned one of my cakes, the Bugatti Veyron.

Covent Garden Giant Cupcake

It was a success, after 50 hrs of work, 50 kgs icing sugar and 10 kgs of butter and 12 massive slab of sponge cakes. I have just completed the giant cupcake for Covent Garden Real Food Market in London

Press coverage here

Photos from

Fairy Castle Cake

Today I have just completed a pink fairy castle birthday cake for Jessica to celebrate her 4th Birthday complete with princess sugar figurine in front of the castle.

Hollywood Theme Birthday Cake

Love for hollywood movies has captured many people imaginations. I can't remember how many cakes I've made based around hollywood theme, but it seems quite a lot. Here are few example of birthday cake design inspired by hollywood movies, red carpet, and walk of fame.

Giant London West End Cake

Metro Picture of the day

Architecture that's in very good taste
It's an architect's dream and hopefully to everyone's taste – the world's biggest spongescraper.
read more

Property Week

The world's biggest Spongescraper – a 5 foot by 5 foot cake of London - was revealed in London’s West End today. Cake maker Michelle Wibowo has designed a cake to replicate a birds-eye-view of London’s West End. The cake has been made to celebrate 1,415 birthday years being marked by over 15 well-known West End retailers this year... read more

Virgin Media

A commuter tucks into the world's largest Spongescraper, which was unveiled in London's West End. read more

Featured in Bridal Wave

Bridalwave has recently featured one of my wedding cake topper on their site.

About Bridalwave:
Bridalwave is the all-singing, all-dancing blog for brides and weddings. It takes a fun and quirky look at the best of bridal fashion, including gowns, shoes and accessories, groomwear, venues, jewellery, stationery, beauty, flowers, and cakes. Regular features include: ‘Gown of the day’; ‘Frock Horror’; a regular ‘Yay or Nay’ slot where readers offer their own opinions; ‘Wedding Know-how’, and competitions.

Visit their webiste here

Mario Bros Cake

Making this cake is bringing back my childhood memory. I used to play the Super Mario Bros on my brother's Nintendo 20 years ago. The cake is made to celebrate Enzo's 4th Birthday he is also a big fan of Mario. Watch the making video below:

Baby Cake in Heatworld magazine

Heatworld magazine April edition has a snapshot of my baby cake.

Kids Birthday Cake

Today's featured website is You can find many great ideas and advice for children's birthday cakes. It is an incredibly useful website for anyone who is planning birthday cake for their kids.

[Thanks: Sue Davies]

Stealing someone else's work

Today I stumbled upon a mail order cake site based in India. Apparently they've been using images from my portfolio and claim it theirs. I also discovered that they've got images from other cake sites too. Do they not even capable taking picture of their own work ?
Is it just a lazyness because it is so easy just take other's work, copy them and sell them cheap?

I don't mine people use images on my sites for design inspiration, but please don't just copy it and claim it yours. I really don't know how to react in this situation.

Fat sculpture featured on Environment Times

My work has been featured on Environment Times website. The 'works in fat' competition helt at Birmingham's NEC is being sponsored by Anglian Water as part of a campaign to raise awareness about potential pollution caused by the incorrect disposal of waste fats, oils and grease in sewers.

Quoted fromt the site:

“Pollution which results from blockages in the sewer can be devastating for the environment. It is therefore important we do all we can to raise awareness about the issues. The Works in Fat competition is a wonderful way to promote artistic and creative flair whilst also drawing attention to a potentially very serious problem for communities."