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Minecraft TNT Birthday Cake

Minecraft TNT Birthday Cake
This weekend, I've made this birthday cake for a friend who is a big fan of Minecraft Computer Game. The cake is rather simple it's made of 2 layers of chocolate sponge cake with a generous amount of buttercream in between. 
The trickiest part of the project is to make sugar paste completely flat with sharp edges. If you wish to find out how to do this please do let me know and drop me a quick message.

How to create 3D hologram cake using iPad

Michelle created 3D hologram cake using iPad and acrylic perspex sheet for 8 years old Aidan who is a trampoline champion. Check out the video below from Season 2 Episode 21 Extreme Cake Makers.

What you need:
Tablet such as an iPad.Clear Acrylic Perspex Sheet / plexiglass (you can get this from DIY Stores or Home improvement stores)Sponge CakesCake board / baseIcing Sugar Fondant / sugar paste

Steps to take :
1. Plan your design, here is an example of simple design.

2. Build the base for the iPad and layered of sponge cake around it.

tips: you can use old iPad boxe to elevate platform for iPad

3. Layer the sponge cake around the base

4. Capture the video,

tips: you can capture video directly on iPad, or using camera then transfer it to iPad, just make sure use the black background.

5. Place the iPad

6. Install acrylic perspex sheet  glass in an angle as shown

tips: test your video at this stage.

7. Enjoy!

Extreme Cake Makers Series 2 Broadcast Schedule

Michelle is back on Extreme Cake Makers Series 2
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Wednesday 31st January 2018  5:30pm - Series 2 Episode 13
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