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25th Anniversary Bloomsbury Publishing Family Law Book

Multi-award-winning Bloomsbury Professional, the UK’s largest independent legal publisher, is commemorating the 25th anniversary of the definitive text Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice. At the same time, it is launching its family law online service Bloomsbury Family Law.

Celebrating this special day, Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art designed an incredible cake shaped from the complete set of the book itself complete with pop-up made out of edible sugar paper containing text printed from the actual book.

Design & Sketch

Actual book set : Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice.

In their own words...

Can I thank you and the whole team [please pass this on to any others whose email addresses I have not got] for the excellent party that you put on for our 25th Anniversary and the launch of Bloomsbury Family Law last night.

The cake was astonishing and wholly marvellous. What a kind and zany idea for you all to come up with. As I said to many people, the …

Alzheimer's Society Big Ben Cupcakes celebrating cupcake day

Alzheimer’s Society is launching the UK’s first ever Cupcake Day on 16th June. Cupcake Day is a fundraising event where supporters are able to bake or buy cupcakes and sell them in aid of people with dementia.

Celebrating the first ever cupcake day, Michelle from Michelle Sugar Art created the most iconic London's landmark: Big Ben in front of the parliament square made out of 240 individual cupcake design.

Cupcake Day is all about celebrating your individuality and hope we can raise more awareness to help people with dementia.

Find out more about Cupcake day and Alzheimer's society.

Christina Macdonald (Media Champion), Jeremy Hughes (CEO Alzheimer's Society), Michelle Wibowo (Food Artist), Donna Air (Actress, Model, Singer), Sue James (Editorial for Woman & Home)

Celebrating The Queen's Official 90th Birthday

Everywhere in the UK today, despite the weather, people are celebrating The Queen’s official 90th Birthday.

There will be a massive street party on the Mall in London, and many locals are having their own celebration around their villages and community.

You might wonder why is the Queen has 2 birthdays? The date of the queen’s birth is actually on April 21 while the official birthday always held on a Saturday in June every year, according to the various sources this tradition is linked to the unreliable British weather and the Royal family wants to hold the grand royal birthday parade in the summer.

Celebrating her 90th Birthday, Michelle Sugar Art is looking back at some of the creations that Michelle did related to the Royal Family

This Queen’s sugar sculpture and the corgi dog won gold and silver medal at the Culinary Olympics 2012 in Germany. The queen was so impressed and we even got letter from the Buckingham Palace.

The Crown was created for an exhibition in Tokyo Japan in 2008…

Team up with PIzza Express and Macmillan Cancer Support launching campaign making sure no-one faces cancer alone

Team up with Pizza Express and Macmillan Cancer Support, Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art a food artist created a large painting using Pizza Ingredients.

The strikingly beautiful and colourful image - a bespoke design from the artist herself - sees a collection of hands emerging from a solid oak tree to signify strength and support.

Augmented Reality Birthday Cake

Mash-ups Alpaca and Retro Computer Birthday Cake
How do you combine passion for technology and the cuteness of Alpaca into a birthday cake? Celebrating 50th Birthday of Game Programmer and Entrepreneur Jez San, Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art created this amazing cake a mash-up of Jez’ first computer TRS-80 and Alpaca’s head.
Not only the cake is so realistic, it also packed in technology featuring programmable LED dot-matrix style birthday messages and for the first time augmented reality birthday clips when the cake is viewed from a smart phone.
Check out the video below

Alien Cake for XCOM2 Game is Out of this world!

Celebrating the launch of XCOM2 Game on the 5th February 2016,  2K commissioned Michelle Sugar Art to create an alien head cake covered with more than 1500 individual skulls.

XCOM2 Cake - Sponge Cake

Scary looking Alien

The cake is covered with more than 1500 skulls made of fondant
XCOM2 Official Poster
Check out the news from

Galt Toys Celebrates its 180th Birthday with edible toy cake sculpture

Celebrating 180th Birthday of Galt Toys at the London's Toy Fair 2016 in Kensington Olympia, Galt Toys commissioned the world's biggest edible toy cake sculpture designed by Michelle Wibowo.

Can you tell which one is the cake?
Initial cake design
Making the 'Baby's First Car' cake (the original at the back)
This super realistic cake is made out of the jam filled sponge cake covered with fondant.

Michelle Wibowo (cake artist) & John McDonnell, MD at Galt Toys