Tintin Rocket Birthday Cake

1.5m (5ft) tall Tintin Rocket Cake

I am a big fan of Tintin since I was little and read all of his adventure from the comic book, so when I had an opportunity to create an iconic Tintin Rocket for a birthday party of branding agency in London, I simply couldn't refuse. It's about 1.5 m (5ft) tall made of 8 layers of sponge cake covered with red and white sugar paste.

Making the moon surface

Tintin Rocket Cake


  1. Tintin rocket is my favourite! Marry me! @_@

  2. Wowww..amazing Cake Michelle, you should post it on


    they will give you discount gift :), I had it before hehe..nice to know u as Tintin Fan Michelle :).

    Ricky Joe - Tintin Fans Indonesia

  3. What an amazing cake Michelle! Well done! I am a huge fan of Tintin too • I have posted your cake at my riawatidjuwita username pinner name riawati @ Tintin gateaux board • best wishes • riawati (riawati djuwita)

  4. Well done Michelle, what an amazing cake and tribute to Tintin! I am a Tintin fan too! I have posted your cake pics in pinterest, I hope you don't mind, at my pinner name riawati, board Tintin gateaux. Kind regards, riawati djuwita • riawati


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