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White Range Rover Birthday Cake

Object of desire: White Range Rover birthday cake

Picture of the original car

3D Horse's Head Cake

3d horse's head cake made with layered sponge cake covered with sugar paste, textured and coloured to make it looks like a bronze statue. All cake from top of the head to the base.

Detail of base
Bronze Texture Details

Coated with sugarparte

Schnoodle dog cake

Schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle cross) dog made entirely of chocolate sponge cake covered with sugar paste and some colourings. 

Unpainted after making the hoodie
measuring the head
That's him in real life!

Moshi Monsters Katsuma Cake

Katsuma is character from Moshi Monster with natural health power. This sculpted sponge cake was commissioned to celebrate 10th Birthday of a little girl from Sussex. The tail and ears are edibles! they are made of rice crispies and marshmallow.

F1 Racing Cake

Formula 1 Racing Car Cake
If you are F1 fanatic, this cake is for you, modeled after McLaren Mercedes F1 Team Car, this layered chocolate sponge cake was the centerpiece of 50th birthday party celebration.

Layered chocolate sponge cake with butter cream

The Queen Elizabeth II Sugar Sculpture Won Gold at the Culinary Olympics

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Inspired Creation won Gold and Silver for Britain at the Culinary Olympics

Michelle Wibowo, a sussex cake maker has been awarded a gold and silver medal for her creation at the culinary olympics in Erfurt, Central Germany which opens on Saturday 6th October 2012.

Inspired by Queen’s diamond jubilee celebration she created a lifelike sugar sculpture of the Queen Elizabeth II which won a gold medal for Category Patisserie show piece
and sculpted welsh corgi dog english fruit cake for a silver in Culinary artistry - cold food.

It took Ms Wibowo 2 weeks to prepare and both creations have consumed more than 25 kg sugar paste (fondant).

About Culinary Olympics
The International Exhibition of Culinary Art (in German: Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung or IKA) termed the Culinary Olympics, is a quadrennial chef competition, and the biggest culinary exhibition in the world. Participants from 54 nations are competing from 6th-9th October in Erfurt, …

Rubix Cube Birthday Cake

Celebrating 25th Birthday of one of the well known PR agencies in London JCPR,  Michelle created a giant cake in a shape of rubix cube as the centerpiece of 80s themed birthday party in south west London.
Have a great birthday JCPR !

Original design sketch

Golf Themed Birthday Cake

Golf themed 50th Birthday Cake, inside: 5 tiered sponge cake!

Punk Rock Birthday Cake

3 tier punk rock themed birthday cake to celebrate Clare & Hugh's 40th Birthday Party.

The Blues Brothers Cake

The Blues Brothers comes to live (in a cake). This time a birthday cake which took inspiration from their famous poster, adding depth to it and creating 3D poster style.

Jake & Elwood The Blues Brothers original poster.
3D concept

Sculpting Jake & Elwood figures popping out from the background.
Just before applying colour to their face.

Bull Mastiff Dog Cake

Celebrating Louises' 40th birthday, Jack commissioned a birthday cake in a shape of 'Freddie', their beloved  bull mastiff family dog. Check out incredible details below!

"The finished article was truly amazing, Louise absolutely loved it! Thank you so much Michelle, it really made her birthday special :)))" Jack Lavington

Picture of  real Freddie

Doctor Who Cakes

Tardis sponge Cake complete with original casts Doctor Who TV Series made from sugar paste, commissioned by BBC for a documentary video yet to be released.
"The cake was AMAZING and it went down so well on camera.  All the actors thought it was also AMAZING, the couldn't believe their eyes!  They all took their figures home with them – they loved the detail and said you made them look even prettier"Russel Minton - Producer BBC Entertainment
More collection of Doctor Who Themed cakes for your inspiration.
Doctor Who Wedding Cake
Doctor Who Birthday Cake

Gino D'Acampo Birthday Cake

Gino D'Acampo Birthday Cake

Italian chef Gino D'Acampo is an ITV favourite, celebrating his birthday on TV show Let’s Do Lunch with Gino & Mel, the producer of the show commissioned Michelle Sugar Art to create this incredible cake in the shape of the famous chef himself!
Check out some of the making pictures below and watch the clip when Gino was speechless after the cake is revealed!

Sculpting with Sugar Paste
Gino's torso in the making
Applying hair

Video clip during Let's Do Lunch with Gino and Mel Episode 7 courtesy of ITV

Baywatch Surfboard Cake

This 5 foot tall Baywatch surfboard Cake is filled with Chocolate goodness. Inside the fake pile of beach sand is layered of soft chocolate sponge cake filled with dark chocolate ganache filling.
The cake was commissioned for a farewell party of Tony Cohen, the chief executive of FremantleMedia, the producer of popular TV shows including The X Factor and The Apprentice and of course Baywatch. He is stepping down after 17 years with the company.

Concept drawing
Tony Cohen

Google+ Birthday Cake

Today Google+ is celebrating it's first birthday. It's the coolest Social Network from Google and Cadbury UK comissioned this massive chocolate cake to celebrate it.

The Making of...

Sculpted chocolate sponge cake

Cadbury Google+ page are printed on edible sugar paper

Cadbury Google+ Page