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Tokyo TV Interview Christmas Special

Hi, my interview with Eri Kano San from TV Tokyo during the Sweet Art Exhibition in Imperial Arcade Tokyo which include the making of sugar figurines will be on air on the 24th December 2010.

Imperial Arcade Sweet Art Exhibition Virtual Tour

Highlight: 10ft Christmas Tree Cake

Imperial Arcade (Tokyo-Japan) Exhibition Opens Tomorrow

20 November - 25 December 2010 Weekdays 10:00 ~ 19:00 (Mon - Sun 5pm) Location: 1-1-1, Chiyoda-ku Uchisaiwaicho Imperial Arcade (Main Building basement) Tokyo, Japan Admission: Free

Vogue Japan


Suitsuato Exhibition - Imperial Arcade Tokyo Japan

Japanese press release:

Suitsuato Exhibition, Imperial Arcade Gallery

November 20, 2010 - December 25
Weekdays 10am-7pm (Mon-Sun 5pm)
Location: 1-1-1, Chiyoda-ku Uchisaiwaicho Imperial Arcade (Main Building basement).

Notes from Michelle:
I'am currently in Japan until 21st November 2010

Severed Head Cake - Halloween special

A surprise halloween birthday cake for Mandy's boyfriend in London.
Pete is a halloween nut and the couple always have a halloween birthday party every year, What a better gift for the man who has everything than a cake of himself.
3D cake of severed head on a silver platter complete with an apple in his mouth and finger salads.

Picture of Pete before having his head chopped off
UPDATED !!! Photos from the party ... 

Dinner tonight Freshly baked head One deadly kiss Pete and...Pete's head Slice of cake Yum!

Minnie Mouse Cake

Celebrating Phoebe's 1 year old, I created 3D Minnie Mouse Sponge Cake decorated with a large balloon. Here is what the client's says:
"Hello Michelle
I hope you and your family are doing well..anyway this is just a quick message to thank-you for making my little one's party special..
The cake was really beautiful and the design was very intricate - from the eyelashes, The bow on the bib, and the tail ...I can't think of anyone who wasn't blown away by my little one's cake..and as a result everyone couldn't wait for me to cut it - they suspected it was too perfect and teddy like to be an edible cake..
after hours of marvelling at the cake we finally cut It and it tasted just as good as it looked - can I be the first to say you will have a long successful career as a cake maker and your skills is one at the party had ever seen a cake with such detail.  -Gynel-"

Suckling Pig Cake

Hyper realistic, a life size suckling pig made entirely by sponge cake and sugar paste including the vegetables. Michelle's latest creation for the Experimental Food Society 'Spectacular' which is held over the weekend in London. The cake was on display throughout the day and served for the dinner banquet in the evening. 

What press said about the pig and the event...
Metro UK
Video of the making:
More pictures...

Photo credit: Ally Carmichael

Experimental Food Society Spectacular

Michelle is taking part in the annual "Spectacular" Food exhibition along side with the Britain's best food artists, held by the Experimental Food Society this Saturday, 25 September in the Brickhouse, London E1. Read more from article in the Independent.

Art meets gastronomy as the Experimental Food Society stages its annual exhibition in east London this weekend. More pictures from BBC.

Sex and the City Cake

What could be more glamorous to celebrate birthday than Sex and the City theme Cake. It's pink and black, it's full of sparkle The cake is floated on top of a cocktail glass with real cocktail in it!

Cake Britain: The Mad Artist’s Tea Party

Quoted from

Cake Britain: The Mad Artist's Tea Party is an exhibition like no other. There are no paints, charcoal, oils or paper; just flour, sugar and eggs. It just goes to show that when artists meet bakers, wonderful things can happen. Perri Lewis chooses her favourite exhibits

Cake Britain runs from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 August 2010, 10am-6pm at The Future Gallery, 5 Great Newport Street, London WC2. It is sponsored by Tate & Lyle, to celebrate their switch to Fairtrade sugar.

Captain Fairtrade

Working in collaboration with illustrator Pete Fowler, here is the latest creation from Michelle, Captain Fairtrade which is now exhibited in the Future Gallery in Leicester Square, London.

French Chateau Cake

French Chateau Cake with sugar model for a birthday party.
What they said....

"Michelle, cake is a great success! Amazing details.. My girlfriend loves it inside and out. Thanks Again" Tor - London

Caricature Cake

Hand drawn 3d emboss caricature cake for a birthday party.

Covent Garden 180th Anniversary Birthday Cake

A giant birthday cake commissioned to celebrate 180th Anniversary of Covent Garden in London. Weighting around 300 kgs, its consumed more than 30 kgs of icing sugar, 100 block of butter just for the butter cream.

As part of weekend celebration, the cake was cut on Friday 18th June 2010 and served to the visitor of Covent Garden. More than 2000 slices has been taken and it took almost a whole day!.

Here are some pictures from

Original Sketch

Taj Mahal Cake

Taj Mahal Wedding Cake
Applying sugar paste coating

Working on the details
Finished shot

Truck Cake

Lorry cake size: approx. 22" long., serve 150 people plus the pile of muck serve 20 people, total serve 175 people, based on 1"x2" per slice. (you'd feed about 100 people with much bigger slice)
Cake type: sponge cake with vanilla butter cream.
Cake board size:30"x18".

In the making

Picture of the real thing.

The Grammy Award Cake

A celebration cake in the shape of a Grammy Award, with the first tier in the shape of the black base made of chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream, and the second tier is the golden award made of carrot cake with vanilla cream and a sugar ornament, commissioned by a private client.

What the client says:
"Oh my God, Michelle, it is AMAZING!!!!
Thank you so much, I can't wait to give it to the birthday girl!
It is so detailed and even more impressive than I could ever have imagined! " Natalia-London

Jean Reno Figurine

Jean Reno clay figurine.
Commissioned by his personal friend from Chelsea, London.
I've done this quite a while a go but haven't got chance to post it in my blog.

Doctor Who Birthday Cake

Doctor Who Birthday Cake, TARDIS, K9, Dalek.

Customer comments:

"I would like to take this time to thanks you from the bottom of our hearts on the superhuman effort and skill you put into our cakes.
They were show stoppers. Quite literally when the white TARDIS was brought out during the meal service had to be halted for 90 minutes!!! The 40th one we brought out at the beginning of the meal to ensure that we ate! 

Thanks so VERY VERY much once again" 

Peter & Keith

Original design sketch:

When the lignts off.

Doctor Who Wedding Cake

Doctor Who themed wedding cake in a shape of White TARDIS for a wedding in Brighton UK.
Original design below:

Tiny cake from tiny hands

Inspired by tiny hands of my daughter, I made this cake for my in-laws. They've been so great helping us out so I can still making these cakes. More inspiration on children cakes click here

Wedding Cake Topper Review

I am pleased to be included in the "Ultimate Wedding Topper Guide" article below.
Our wedding cake topper  is getting 4.5 stars!! one of the highest from the rest.

"Welcome to the ultimate wedding topper guide. Hi! I'm Ange, and here you will find all there is to know about wedding toppers and figurines! If you've stumbled across this blog--lucky you! I've written this blog to inform, inspire and help new brides like you in choosing the right topper for their wedding!... Read more